DeviateMinds2011: Ready to Change Your Perspective on Mental Health?

DeviateMinds2011: Ready to Change Your Perspective on Mental Health?

Mental health is an important part of all our lives. It affects every aspect of our existence. Most of us appreciate the importance of our mental health only when things go “wrong” in our lives. We may seek help only after the fact-either not recognizing the problem in time or because we do not have access to appropriate resources. Others unfortunately never seek treatment at all. In many cases, these individuals are the ones that need it most.

A huge roadblock for many individuals towards seeking help is the negative stigma that surrounds mental illness. Stigmas that individuals with mental illnesses are weak or lazy, “crazy” or “nuts” are pervasive, untrue, and damaging. These messages deter many from seeking the help they so desperately need. As well, these individuals are less likely to share their pain with their loved ones because of the fear of being judged or criticized. This is problematic because to the outside observer, mental illness is often “invisible” and hard to notice.The truth is mental illnesses-like physical illnesses-can impact anyone at anytime.

Mental health is a central part of my professional life. I plan to dedicate the majority of my life providing psychological treatments to individuals who suffer from mental illness. The reality is that there are more people out there who need help than those able to provide the services. Just as I started this website with the hopes to make psychology more accessible, I am driven to promote mental health, and advocate for those who suffer from mental illness in our community at large.

Therefore, with the help and support of Shanik Tanna and Celeste Cole of ATP, and Samantha Houghton, I am pleased to announce DeviateMinds 2011. DeviateMinds is a non-profit mental health movement that we founded together with the hopes of raising awareness about mental health and mental illness.

DeviateMinds has three fundamental goals:

1. To Promote Mental Health

2. To reduce the negative stigma that pervades mental illness

3. To raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association

To learn more about our movement and upcoming event, please go to

To learn more about the specific goals of DeviateMinds, check out this promotional video

I hope all of you will join us in this journey as we work to Change Your Perspective about mental health and mental illness.

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