Psych State of Mind (PSOM) is an educational and informational platform, dedicated to promoting awareness of current psychological issues affecting individuals and society. Our site is for those who are curious about human social experiences and behaviours. PSOM strives to provide a psychological perspective to the understanding of everyday human phenomenon and experiences including: relationships, self-help, mental health, culture, sports, social behaviour, social media and parenting.

My name is Maneet Bhatia, the author of the Psych State Of Mind blog. I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Counseling Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where I previously completed my M.A. in Psychology. I am both a practicing psychotherapist and a researcher, having published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. I have had the opportunity to speak at many national and international scholarly conferences in North America and Europe, including, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, Boston, and Barcelona, Spain. I have gained clinical training and experience working as a mental health professional at educational institutions, counseling centers, hospitals, outpatient community clinics, and in private practice. I am passionate about psychology, and passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. I created this website as a platform where individuals interested in learning about psychology and its application to everyday life can come.


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